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KDCRE can assist with all your real estate needs

Seller Representation
Seller Representation

KDCRE specializes in the sale of investment and owner/user properties, encompassing all asset classes, from industrial and office to retail and multifamily properties.  We have handled every type of sale transaction imaginable and bring years of experience to facilitate the sale process.

The Sale Process Components

The overall objective of the marketing program is to achieve the highest possible price, from a vetted and qualified buyer, and in the shortest timeframe possible.


In order to effectively achieve these results, we break the sale process into the following components:


  • Advisory Component

The primary purpose of this phase will be to determine the maximum offering price for the property and the expected timeframe. KDCRE will conduct the appropriate physical and economic examinations of the property, and once awarded the assignment, we will immediately commence to underwrite the property.  Drawing on the pricing conclusions reached with the owner, KDCRE will recommend a formal strategy consistent with the owner’s objectives. At the same time, an appropriate and fully approved Executive Summary and Offering Memorandum will be prepared for the property.


  • Agency Component

KDCRE’s marketing strategy will target pre-qualified buyers in both the local and regional markets. We will effectively solicit buyers whose acquisition objectives conform to the opportunity. Furthermore, KDCRE will make personal presentations to buyers in order to effectively address any buyer concerns while focusing on the beneficial attributes of the property. KDCRE utilizes all of the latest technologies as well as tried and true techniques in order to most effectively market the property and find the most qualified buyer.


  • Due Diligence & Closure Component


KDCRE will coordinate the due diligence activities performed during the inspection period to ensure they are completed in accordance with the purchase and sale contract. In general, the team will monitor the purchaser’s due diligence activities and advise the owner of potential problems resulting from the purchaser’s inspection of the property. Additionally, to whatever extent necessary, we will monitor and coordinate closing activities between the owner and the purchaser, and provide assistance to the closing agent and title company during the closing period to assure a smooth transition.

Buyer Representation
Buyer Representation

KDCRE has successfully represented a wide range of investors and users in a property acquisition capacity.  We work with our clients to fully understand their unique needs in an advisory capacity, and guide them through market and property analysis, due diligence, and closing phases of the acquisition process.  

  • Investment Acquisitions

We have handled every aspect of real estate acquisition and operation throughout the years, allowing us to understand and evaluate the performance of an investment asset from a unique position.  Having handled millions of square feet of leasing requirements for both landlords and tenants, we understand the leasing process and what it takes to attract and retain quality tenants.  We understand the operational elements of keeping a property functioning at peak capacity without unnecessary capital expenditures, creating the highest returns possible for our clients.  Being tuned into the market and leveraging our years of experience and relationships allows us to identify off-market investment opportunities for our clients, providing a value above and beyond simply running market searches.


  • Owner/User Acquisitions


We have represented businesses, both small and large, to identify and acquire real estate to facilitate their business objectives.  We go the extra mile to meet with our clients and tour their current facilities in an effort to truly understand their needs and direct the real estate acquisition process to maximize time, energy and money.  There is no deal too large or too small, and we dedicate ourselves to providing the highest level of client service in the industry.


KDCRE can handle any leasing assignment, no matter how big or small.


  • Landlord Representation


KDCRE can handle just the leasing component of property management , even if you already have a management platform in place.  Our years of experience allow us to understand the market in order to create a targeted marketing campaign to retain and attract quality tenants. Our objective is to keep you real estate operating at peak capacity and providing top level returns.

  • Tenant Representation


KDCRE has represented both national corporations and local and regional businesses to identify and execute leasing requirements.  We are tuned in to the market and know the strategic advantages and disadvantages of local properties.  We work with our clients to thoroughly understand their needs and advise them on the best course of action to achieve their real estate objectives.

Property Valuation
Property Valuation

KDCRE offers a FREE property valuation or Broker Opinion of Value (BOV).  Your BOV contains a detailed subject property analysis, comparable sales analysis, investment analysis, market information, and an estimated value.  Similar to an appraisal, the BOV helps our clients understand their properties positioning in the market, allowing them to make informed decisions. Commercial real estate typically represents one of the largest assets of any business. Shouldn’t you know what your property is worth?


For a free BOV, or to schedule a meeting, please contact us at 561.408.8100 or complete this form.

Property Management
Property Management

KDCRE offers comprehensive in-house management of investment assets, with a focus on increasing value and bottom line revenue growth.  With a full service approach, our clients can truly be “hands off”, allowing us to handle all or part of the management process.  

  • Cutting Edge Technology

We utilize a state of the art cloud-based management software AppFolio.  AppFolio provides owner and tenant portals allowing us to easily collect rents, pay vendors, manage work orders, and transmit reports and information to tenants and ownership.  As an owner, you have transparent access to everything related to the management of your property, in real time.  Additionally, we send customized reports on a regular basis, so you have up to date information on the performance of your investments.

  • Process Review and Improvement

We offer a complimentary review of your current management processes, income and expense statements, and budget projections.  If you are still using QuickBooks or Excel to manage your assets and track property performance, we can significantly improve your processes without costing you any additional money.

  • Vendor Relationships


​We have spent years building relationships with a host of local vendors in order to provide comprehensive services at a discounted rate.  We perform annual expense audits and will always solicit multiple bids in order to ensure we are providing the best services at a cost effective rate.

Additional Services
  • Buy versus lease analysis

  • Property valuation/Broker Opinion of Value

  • Lease valuation and abstracting

  • Lease comparison analysis

  • Investment underwriting

Additional Services
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